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Welcome to JCV Endodontics! We are a specialist dental practice offering Endodontic treatment in Perth. Our aim is to provide you with a gentle and caring approach to Endodontic treatment. Our approach is based on trust, respect, empathy and communication. Our caring professional team will ensure you receive only the best Endodontic treatment available.


The process of cleaning and filling the entire root canal system to restore health and function is called Endodontic treatment. Not only is it important to seal the canals but to provide a top or coronal seal. Even the best root canal treatment will fail if bacteria manages to ingress the root canal system. Hence it is imperative you see your dentist for a crown or a coronal filling after the Endodontic treatment has been completed. This will ensure a good long-term prognosis.

Surgery is an alternative to conventional Endodontic treatment which can be considered in special cases. When necessary, the apex of the tooth is accessed through the gum to resect the tip of the root and seal the canal. This procedure is often called an Apicectomy. The details of such a procedure can be explained to you at your consultation appointment.

Modern techniques and anaesthetics in root canal treatment can result in a much more comfortable procedure. At JCV Endodontics we can offer inhalation and intravenous sedation. Our methods of sedation are administered by a specialist anaesthetist.

After having a root canal treatment done, you should expect some symptoms over the following few days. Post operative symptoms will range from mild discomfort to severe pain and swelling. Your Endodontist will explain the specifics of your case on the day of treatment.

Infection control at JCV Endodontics is extremely important. To protect our patients and ourselves, we strictly maintain sterilisation and cross contamination processes in accordance with the guidelines as recommended by the Australian Dental Association. We are an accredited practice.

After treatment is performed the Endodontist will give you instructions and a printed form with detailed information. Most cases should settle down soon after treatment, thus requiring minimum pain management medication. However, in cases of severe infection the Endodontist may prescribe antibiotics to assist your immune system.

MEET Dr Camilo Villegas

Camilo Villegas


Completed his BDSc in 1996 CES University, Medellin,
Colombia. Completed his Specialty in Endodontics in 2000
CES University, Medellin, Colombia. Obtained PhD in 2005
at Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Tokyo, Japan.

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Yes, you should keep your natural tooth whenever it is possible.  Are root canal treatments successful? Yes, they are. The success rate of Endodontic treatment is 95%. This provided your Endodontist assessment of the situation and there are no cracks or deep margins of cavities that could compromise the long-term top seal of the tooth.  If my root canal treatment failed, can it be fixed? In many occasions, it can be fixed. The success rate drops from 95% to about 75% and the procedure is more expensive.  The Endodontist will

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Accredited Endodontists

Strict Infection control protocols in accordance with the guidelines recommended by the Australian Dental Association are kept at all times at JCV Endodontics. JCV Endodontics is an accredited practice.

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