Post Operatory

If you just had a root canal treatment (RCT) done you should expect symptoms that will range from mild discomfort to severe pain and swelling during the next few days.

Unlike other parts of your body teeth can’t really be isolated after a surgical procedure. Therefore teeth can take much longer to settle down.

If you were in pain just before you had the RCT started then you are more likely to experience severe pain during the following days. If your condition was a PAINLESS chronic infection that was picked up on a radiograph then the tooth and the region might get sore. Once the canals are cleaned and the infected/inflamed dental pulp is removed the supportive tissues are likely to get inflamed. Inflammation is painful and it is all part of a healing process. It is for this reason that a tooth with no pulp or “nerve” can still hurt to touch or pressure. This type of pain comes form the supportive tissues. For this reason pain is always expected after RCT. The discomfort can last for a week or two.


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