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2Jun, 2020

Is root canal treatment the best option?

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Yes, you should keep your natural tooth whenever it is possible.  Are root canal treatments successful? Yes, they are. The success rate of Endodontic treatment is 95%. This provided your Endodontist assessment of the situation and there are no cracks or deep margins of cavities that could compromise the long-term top seal of the tooth.  If my root canal treatment failed, can it be fixed? In many occasions, it can be fixed. The success rate drops from 95% to about 75% and the procedure is more expensive.  The Endodontist will […]

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26May, 2020

Can a tooth with root canal treatment still hurt?

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This is a frequently asked question, Yes, a tooth with an existing endodontic treatment can still hurt. However, the pain from a tooth with Endodontic treatment originates from the supportive tissues rather than the tooth itself. Any load is transmitted through the tooth onto the supportive tissues. The tooth then would hurt to touch or if subjected to a biting force. You can also experience swelling.  Common toothache usually originates from the pulp or commonly called “nerve”.  Pain originating from the pulp is usually a more severe sharp pain often […]

JCVs new website and branding - JCV Endodontic Treatment
28Sep, 2016

Welcome to our new website and branding!

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Welcome to our new website and branding! Over the past few months JCV has been collaborating with Pixel Group Au and Perth’s photo restoration specialist “Yesterdays” to create a new, refreshing branding for our endodontic services. Together, we have formed a new website complete with the information that patients may need to know before or after root canal treatment. Our website follows recent web design trends by being visually pleasing while also being a nice interactive experience for the viewer  . Need information on the go? JCV’s website is also cross-compatible […]